Funnel Tutorials

Knowing the moving parts in your evergreen funnel is the key to your business success.

We have a total of 12 lessons for you, but start with these 5 basic funnel principles first…

…so you can start to transform from an Overwhelmed Healer into a Liberated Leader to get back to doing what you do best!

Lesson 1:
What is a funnel?

Do you know the difference between a funnel and an evergreen funnel, and why funnels are so important? 

Lesson 2:
Funnel Sections

There are different schools of thought on the anatomy of a funnel, but the simplest explanation is that a funnel has 3 sections.

Lesson 3:

Data can be a bit dry, but that doesn’t decrease its importance. Learn the essential funnel metrics to pay attention to in this tutorial.

Lesson 4:
Traffic Sources

Adding traffic to your evergreen funnel is like putting fuel in your car – you need it to make the whole thing work!

Lesson 5:
Lead Magnets

If you don’t yet have a lead magnet is, it’s time to get one! You’ll learn what it is, examples of them, and common mistakes to avoid.

We only scratched the surface...

We cover even more important concepts in Lesson 6 and beyond.

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