Funnel Tutorials

Knowing the moving parts in your evergreen funnel is the key to your business success.

We have a total of 12 lessons for you, but start with these 5 basic funnel principles first…

…so you can start to transform from an Overwhelmed Healer into a Liberated Leader to get back to doing what you do best!

Lesson 1:
What is a funnel?

Do you know the difference between a funnel and an evergreen funnel, and why funnels are so important? 

Lesson 2:
Funnel Sections

There are different schools of thought on the anatomy of a funnel, but the simplest explanation is that a funnel has 3 sections.

Lesson 3:

Data can be a bit dry, but that doesn’t decrease its importance. Learn the essential funnel metrics to pay attention to in this tutorial.

Lesson 4:
Traffic Sources

Adding traffic to your evergreen funnel is like putting fuel in your car – you need it to make the whole thing work!

Lesson 5:
Lead Magnets

If you don’t yet have a lead magnet is, it’s time to get one! You’ll learn what it is, examples of them, and common mistakes to avoid.

Lesson 6:

Don’t Want To Be At The Mercy Of Algorithm Updates On Social Platforms? Then You Need Email!

Lesson 7:
Why You Need A Tripwire

Most Psychedelic Coaches Haven’t Heard Of Tripwires Before…Let’s Change That!

Lesson 8:
Core Offer

What Is YOUR Core Offer? Is It Really Your Flagship Product Or Service?

Lesson 9:
Profit Maximizers

What’s Are Profit Maximizers And How To Use Them Effectively

Lesson 10:
Paid Traffic

Let’s Talk About What Paid Traffic Can Do For You And Which Platform Brings The Best Results

Lesson 11:

The Dreaded Thing That Most Overwhelmed Healers Never Do…

Lesson 12:

Marketing Tools You’ll Need, The Challenges They Bring And The Solution We Have

We only scratched the surface...

We cover even more important concepts in Lesson 6 and beyond.

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