The Liberated Leader


✨Together we’ll connect with leaders in the psychedelic space 🍄 & explore the creations they birthed into the world.

All in hopes to bring the psychedelic renaissance into the 21st century & spreading the message of inner healing…

…because when we heal ourselves, we heal the world.
So…let’s get liberated! 🙏

Our very first episode

Meet The Hostess Bea

In this inaugural solocast episode, Bea dives deep into her story of breaking away from societal norms and embarking on a spiritual journey that involves a 1-way flight to Thailand, failed psychedelic experiences and sacred medicine ceremonies including Kambo, 5-me0-DMT & Ayahuasca.

All this led to starting AKITA “A Kick In The Ass” Agency & The Liberated Leader Podcast!

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What Our Listeners Say

The Future of Collective Liberation
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Bea's podcast is an important one for these transformational times we're in, and for the future of the collective liberation of our minds, and souls. Thank you for highlighting important leaders on this podcast!
Captivating and engaging listen!
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A very through, but enjoyable look into the realm of body/soul welness and psychedelics, which was previously a relatively unknown (and honestly kind of intimidating) area for me. Bea is eloquent and clear in her presentation of topics and quests in the episodes. She does very well to ease listeners (especially newcomers) into the topic; sharing relatable thoughts from her personal experiences to create a very comforting and welcoming feel in the discussion. Looking forward to listening more and so glad I came across this podcast!
The next big podcast in personal empowerment!
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So grateful to have been invited onto the Liberated Leader podcast (episode 2)! Bea and I had such a fun and simultaneously healing conversation. I felt so comfortable diving deep into many nuanced subjects - and even sharing some things about my own journey that I've never shared publicly - which is all 100% testament to her innate gift and ability for keeping the conversation grounded, healing, and informative for the audience. Bea is trully an amazing hostess with a beautiful vision, and honestly I can't wait to see all the big places this podcast goes!!
Increasing accessibility to these powerful healing plants & medicine
Elaine Tsung
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The liberated Leader Podcast talks about things so important in reducing the taboo around psychedelics andin increasing accessibility to these powerful healing plants and medicines. I'll be tuning in weekly to learn new gems!
Great - Super informative
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Great podcast! It's super informative and introduced me to a lot of wellness and healing techniques that I haven't heard of before. Every episode also includes a lot of great stories that resonated with me. I'm a fan and will definitely keep listening 😉
5 stars!!!
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I found this podcast while looking for something to listen to at the airport! I want more of this, and other people probably will too.
Elite Level Guide
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Captivating story telling and super relatable topics discussing different tools used for self discovery. Her personal experience paint a clear picture and provides a very unique perspective. It's scientific facts mixed with raw passion and fun curiosity of a true intellectual who is not only multi-talented, but excels in her fields.
Fun, knowledgeable, authentic
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I love how this podcast mixes personal development and wellness with business concepts. Bea's sharing from her experiencegives me a different perspective on psychedelic medicine and has me exploring new paths forwellbeing for myself. Very authentic and relatable.
Helping Humanity to Self Actualize
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Bea is an amazing new voice in the psychedelic renaissance and wellness community. We need conversations like these to promote individual self realization and hope for a better future for all. Check your egos at the door and get on this train!

The Liberated Leader Podcast

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