Happy Clients

You asked for our hustle, we gave you our heart! 

See how we helped our clients transform into
Liberated Leaders with the AKITA Liberation Loop Method.

Wow, a shout out from Paul Stamets!

We love them. They love us.

Here's what our clients have to say:

“AKITA Agency was able to take the stress away, inspire me, give me confidence and create beautiful products that gave me a great online presence.

They didn’t just give answers, but they gave suggestions, recommendations, new ideas.”

“Working with AKITA was as much therapy and coaching as it was marketing and web design.

It became a really solid and fun exercise in just the right amount of push and challenge, doing it in a way that made me feel safe to take risks.”

“It has helped so much to have a professional step in and help us create something that can really scale.

AKITA have a streamlined process to do something that can be daunting. I can’t thank them enough for understanding our mission and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

“I put off having any crazy funnel because it was such a pain in the ass.”

“It was almost like turning a switch on. It was night and day. In my 1st month, we saw an 800% increase in sales. It was more than worth it to hire AKITA!”

“I felt like AKITA cared a lot about my project, which says a lot. You can tell Bea’s a subject matter expert”

“Working with AKITA literally took out all the headache and stress of doing it myself (or even just trying to do it myself). As much as I can kind of build a website, I can’t do what AKITA does.

We can’t do it all ourselves, we need experts in other areas to help. I suggest the same for everyone”

“AKITA went the extra mile to fix technical difficulties and streamline our processes. AKITA produces excellent copywriting and they can help you optimize your funnel so you can capture more clients”
“If you’re looking to grow your business, make more sales or capture more clients, work with AKITA, they’re the best!”

“The process of bringing my business online has been a huge step.”

“I was definitely the Overwhelmed Healer…It’s been a really beautiful process of seeing something come to life…It’s important to not overwhelm myself and want to do everything…I was manifesting someone like AKITA to come along to do the bits and pieces that I couldn’t.”

“AKITA did a great job. Once they put the logo into the context of the whole website, I was like – ‘that makes sense.’ I really like the shape they created to the majority of the pictures – that little detail makes me think  ‘Wow!’

The colors are exactly perfectly the way I want them to be with pieces of art here and there. I’m very impressed. I’m very happy with that.”

“I really love the encouragement that made me realize I can do something right now while I’m still working on all the nitty gritty stuff and I don’t have to get in my own way.” — Margy Yu, Clinic Core