Success Story: Kat

“I was definitely the Overwhelmed Healer! It’s been a really beautiful process of seeing something come to life…It’s important to not overwhelm myself and want to do everything. I was manifesting AKITA to come along to do the bits and pieces that I couldn’t.”

Website homepage before and after

The Situation

Kat was the Overwhelmed Healer who wanted to bring her business online, but she didn’t have the marketing know-how, technical expertise or know where to begin. 

She had minimal online presence, no automated funnel and a basic website offering 1:1 sessions and just started on group work.

Kat needed help from someone who understands the healing world and speaks a similar language to manifest her vision with her.  

The Action

We birthed multiple creations into the world together, including:

Funnel Automation

Online Course Membership

▼Custom Template Email▼

the Outcome


Seeing her vision come to life. Gave her the space and tools to grow her business and think bigger. Feeling empowered to help even more people in the world on their healing journey. 

A working, automated evergreen funnel that includes:

A 6-month membership that includes an online course with live group coaching as a Core Offer to showcase her unique talents in helping people dive deeper into their healing.

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