Success Story: Kia Orion

Kia went from “slow sales” to 800% increase in revenue 

Here’s how we helped him transformed his business

The Challenge

Kia had a lot on his plate as a music entrepreneur who pursued this path out of pure passion. 

He was overloaded with all the info out there.

Since he had no one around who understood his vision to bounce ideas off of, he lacked direction too.

Kia didn’t know which way to go, so he procrastinated on building his empire. 

Sales were slow – he knew he needed help fast.

The Solution

Although Kia finds running a business interesting, he was way more excited to offload that responsibility to a trusted team.

This way he gets to focus on what he does best and allow his creativity to flow. 

After a comprehensive audit, we discussed blind spots and things to improve before applying the AKITA Liberation Loop Method.

The Deliverables

In the end, we created: 

The Results

So what changed for Kia?

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