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“A rising tide lifts all boats” – John F. Kennedy

Our Core Values: Connection & Evolution

Our goal is to connect people, organizations and communities so that the psychedelic renaissance can move forward.

Here you’ll find organizations that need funding or volunteer support to continue their psychedelic projects, community initiatives or research studies.

Find what interests you below and let’s do our part to advance the movement. OR, if you want to add your project to the list, fill out the form below

Community Initiatives - Volunteers

Help The Psychedelic Equity Project To Build Their Community Healing Center

We’re calling on the community’s help to make our dream of building a BIPOC-centered community healing center / educational space in NE Portland (unceded Molalla territory) come true!

Apply To Host Sharing & Integration Circles

As a host you are welcomed into the TYPM Team and offered the opportunity to contribute to all we are creating. You get to engage with all of us and make some amazing new friends. Aside from the personal relationships we know you will make, being a part of this team adds another branch to your social tree.

Get Involved - Help The Fireside Project

Our mission is to help people minimize the risks and fulfill the potential of their psychedelic experiences in ways such as providing compassionate, accessible, and culturally responsive peer support, educating the public, and furthering psychedelic research, while embracing practices that increase equity, power sharing, and belonging within the psychedelic movement.

To serve as a volunteer, you must be 18 or older and have access to reliable Internet access and a personal computer. All new volunteers begin on the line by shadowing experienced volunteers and supervisors. 

Research Studies - Participants

Take Part In Psychedelic Studies And Researches

The Psychedelic Survey is an online research platform that works to advance our understanding of the effects of psychedelics on subjective experience and well-being. 

You can take part in any of the studies listed on their website. Your help is very much appreciated!

Volunteer in a psychedelic clinical trials - Psychedelic Clinical Trials Database

Are you interested in participating in a psychedelic clinical trial? Lots of studies are now enrolling healthy participants and individuals with specific health conditions. Search by psychedelic substance, location, health condition, and study status. 

Psychedelic Projects - Donations

Support Fruiting Bodies To Develop Their Healing Justice-Informed Psychedelic Peer Support Training Program

This training program will equip facilitators to approach psychedelic medicine from a justice-informed paradigm, increasing safety and providing better outcomes for clients and the community at large. It is led by a multi-generational group of experts, advisors, and elders who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and LGBTQ+. 

Contribute to support MAPS and support the psychedelic movement

MAPS is the leader in psychedelic research for mental health, wellbeing and on a mission to bring transformative change to mass mental health through psychedelic research and advocacy.

Your monthly contribution makes a tangible impact. Monthly donors allow MAPS to plan and execute our vision to make psychedelic treatments safe, legal, and accessible.

Support Forever Non-Profit Psychedelic Experience Community

Psychedelic Experience (PEx) is a comprehensive online resource for information surrounding psychedelic substances. We are a community based non-profit organization, created by and for those in the psychedelic and plant medicine communities.

The truth is, however, they can’t do this alone. Every donation you give helps them fund their mission to support and facilitate global healing and personal growth through safe and responsible use of plant medicines and psychedelic-assisted treatments.

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