AKITA Liberation Loop Method

We help Overwhelmed Healers transform into Liberated Leaders

Expand your reach to those outside of your current peripherals so you can help more people on their healing journey

Surrender to the journey

The Overwhelmed Healer didn’t go looking for this path; the medicine found them.

You have a deep, personal relationship with psychedelic medicine yourself. That’s why you’re such a strong advocate and an active participant of the movement.

Helping others evolve through trauma, face their shadows, and do soul work is more than just your passion. It’s your calling, your purpose in life.

Now we both know your interest isn’t entrepreneurship, but it came with the territory…

…So you’ve been slaving away to build up your practice, which you’ve done – congratulations!

Now you’re at the point where you’re happy with your private clients but you’re feeling tired and you want to scale to help even more people. 

You realize that accepting more 1:1 clients isn’t going to get you there. You want to move towards a 1:many model where you have an online course and/or a group coaching program.

Doing it all by yourself – course creation, building a funnel, writing email campaigns – means you’re wearing 23 different hats, working 12-hour days, 7 days a week without taking time off.

That’s just not sustainable. 

If you're overwhelmed, you're burnt out, you're frustrated...
...It's time for you to shed the Overwhelmed Healer persona and embrace the Liberated Leader identity. 

when you Become The Liberated Leader

Imagine helping more people on their healing journey, building communities and making more money without back-to-back-to-back appointments.

Imagine taking the weekend off for some self-care or spending more time with loved ones.

The Liberated Leader feels relieved because you’re no longer splitting your energy between generating revenue and genuinely serving others.

Because you have an automated, evergreen funnel driving traffic to your online course and group coaching program.

You feel free to spend your time on things that truly matter to you instead of the stress and worry of keeping your business going.

You feel aligned because you finally see the impact on society you made by helping more people, by moving away from a 1:1 to a 1:many client model. 

The sooner you decide and take action to become the Liberated Leader, the faster you can build communities of self-healers, take back your time and generate more revenue. 

Everything falls into place seamlessly and you wonder why you didn’t get help sooner!

"I was definitely the Overwhelmed Healer...It's been a really beautiful process of seeing something come to life...It's important to not overwhelm myself and want to do everything...I was manifesting someone like AKITA to come along to do the bits and pieces that I couldn't."

the AKITA Liberation Loop Method

We help time-starved psychedelic therapists or coaches with jam-packed schedules of 1:1 clients level up. So you can collectively help more people in less time by building an evergreen funnel to your online course or group coaching program.

Here’s how the ALL Method works.

Much like you’re going on a psychedelic journey, we’re your guide before, during and after your trip.

There are 3 stages:


What: We conduct a comprehensive audit on your entire sales funnel using our unique process, then present our findings and recommendations.

Why: So we know where you’re currently at, what needs to improve & how to improve it.


Things to Note:

We’ll need back-end access to your current funnel to properly perform the audit. 

Things to Note:

We implement your funnel in multiple rounds so we can properly build, test, and iterate. You don’t need to have an idea for your course already, we can help you come up with and validate one.

*You must provide the raw material (video content) for the course – we cannot create this for you. Neatly naming and organizing your videos by module will speed this process up.


What: We implement your evergreen funnel on our proprietary software based on recommendations from Stage 1. 

Why: So you can serve more people with a 1:many model via online course or group coaching. 



What: We drive traffic to your funnel with paid ads to quickly test what was built in Stage 2, and optimize both the build and ads based on metrics. 

Why: So we can quickly see what’s working well, what to improve and what to test next.


Things to Note:

Full access to and use of our proprietary, all-in-one software tool is included.

Our tool is used for email automation, calendar booking, online course hosting, in-take forms, landing pages and more. You only need to log into 1 platform, you’ll have more streamlined metrics and you’ll save more money. 

Our software can also be HIPAA Compliant enabled in case you need to store client medical data.

"AKITA went the extra mile to fix technical difficulties and streamline our processes. AKITA produces excellent copywriting and they can help you optimize your funnel so you can capture more clients"

"If you're looking to grow your business, make more sales or capture more clients, work with AKITA, they're the best!"

Why 3 Stages?

When one of the 3 stages is missing, the method simply won’t work.
It’d be like sitting on a chair with one leg missing.


(Stage 1)

(Stage 2)

(Stage 3)


When we prepare for and surrender to the journey, we’ll have the planned intentions to and the willing acceptance of change. But if we don’t integrate the changes, then we won’t be taking action towards sustained change. 

(Stage 2)

(Stage 3)

(Stage 1)


When we surrender to the journey and integrate the lessons, we willingly accept and take action towards change. But if we don’t prepare for it, then we would be taking blind action without a roadmap.

(Stage 3)

(Stage 1)

(Stage 2)


When we integrate and prepare for the trip, we take regular action towards and have a clear intention to change. But if we don’t surrender to the trip, then there’s no willing acceptable of change.

Things We Don’t Offer

AKITA is the go-to evergreen funnel agency for psychedelic therapy because that’s what we’re good at!

Building funnels is our jam, our speciality, our wheelhouse. This means we don’t offer services outside of what we do.

With that said, we do have a network of trusted partners that we can refer you to for these services:

Things You Already Have

For you to have the best possible experience, we request that you have these all ready to go before we begin:

Are We a Fit to collaborate?

We’d love to help every Overwhelmed Healer, but not every healer wants to become a Liberated Leader.

We’re also selective of who we give our time and energy to, because that tends to result in higher quality co-creations. 

We work with psychedelic therapists or coaches who:

We’re not the right fit for each other if you:

Got questions? We Got answers.

Ask Us Anything

How do you know that you aren’t ready? How ‘ready’ do you need to be? 25.7% or 87.2%??

The real issue isn’t ‘not feeling ready’, it’s whether or not you’re serious about and committed to…

helping the people who need you.

evolving yourself (and your business) to the next level.

leaving your mark on this Earth.

As you already know, successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t or won’t do.

Now’s not the time to allow your fear of failure or judgement to paralyze you.

Did you know that there are people out there with half as much talent as you making it?? The only difference is: they took action. 

So don’t count on ‘feeling ready’, because when you finally ‘feel ready’ it’d be too late. Instead take imperfect action everyday so you can make a bigger impact on the world. 

As the popular Chinese proverb goes: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is today.” 

That’s a very interesting belief you hold.

What makes you say it won’t work for you? 

Intelligent people like you know there are no absolute guarantees in life.

As the great hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said “you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.”

So surrender to the experience and trust the process.

We completely understand why you might want to think about it.

However, for most people, it’s not really that they have to think about it, it’s that they want to make sure they’re making the right decision

Is there a better decision than elevating your business so you can heal more people, make more money and ultimately help evolve humanity? 

So, the only thing you really have to think about is how soon you want to get started with AKITA

The real question is not if but when you’re going to make the time. 

So, it’s not really a matter of time, it’s a matter of how much you want to evolve. How much you want to help others. How much you want to move the psychedelic revolution forward.

You can make time for properly planned upgrades now, or make time for unexpected breakdowns later.

Either way, you’re going to have to make the time. 

So, which would you rather have?

Also, we aren’t overnight miracle workers.

The 3 stages of the AKITA Liberation Loop Method typically follow the below timeline:

Stage 1 = 10 Business Days

Stage 2 = 90 to 120 Days

Stage 3 = Ongoing

Don’t get in touch unless you really want to transform your business, make more money and help more people in the world.

Pro Tip: Talk to us before you think you even need us. 

What specifically didn’t work? What exactly did that agency do? Have you seen any improvements at all?

Without specifics, we can’t really dig into this. 

However, the fact that you tried getting help before means you want to solve your problem.

And if you’re reading this, your problem has not been solved…so let us help you!

The AKITA Liberation Loop Method will take you from an Overwhelmed Healer to the Liberated Leader. 

It has 3 stages with built-in checkpoints to make sure our goals are aligned, we’re delivering results and you’re staying inside your zone of genius.

While you can focus on helping even more people work through their shadows and integrate their lessons. 

Discover for yourself just how quickly you can reach more clients, increase revenue and get your time-freedom back as you start working with us.