Lesson 5 - What's A Lead Magnet?

Now that you understand traffic sources, Let's talk about Lead Magnets!

We’re going to talk about what a lead magnet is, examples of them & common mistakes to avoid.

You can watch the quick video here or skim the article below for takeaways. 

At the bottom of the article, you can download the presentation slide deck used in the video.

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So What's A Lead Magnet?

Think of it as a free gift that you’re sharing with your audience and you need their email address to send it to them.

Lead magnets set the tone of your relationship with your audience from the outset.

It’s also the path to start building up your email list – this way you’re not at the mercy of daily algorithm changes on social platforms.

This way you have access to your audience any time you want and can deliver any message you want without fear of getting shadowbanned.


As you continue on with this training series, you’ll find this to be a theme…

Funnels are as unique as snowflakes.

Even if you have similar businesses models, your evergreen funnel can be wildly different from each other.


Because your creativity comes into play, what you offer to the world is uniquely yours, your life experiences and energy is personal to you.

All this to say that your lead magnet can be anything you want it to be!

For example:

  • A downloadable PDF – an e-book on microdosing, daily self-care checklist, journaling prompt templates
  • A training series in the form of a 3-part integration workshop
  • A quiz  – which psychedelic medicine suits you best? 
  • Audio recordings for meditation, hypnosis or sound bath. 

The possibilities are endless – you can get as creative as you want.

Just make sure that it’s the right lead magnet for your audience.

Common Mistakes Overwhelmed Healers Make

  1. Your lead Magnet isn’t relevant to your audience.

You should be offering something that they actually want.

If you don’t know your audience that well yet, you will most likely go through some trial and error before you get it right.

If you have no idea where to begin, you can look at what other healers are doing.

You can survey your audience or look at what blog article and social media posts that got you the most hits. You can then create your lead magnet based off of that

2. Your lead magnet is too complex and overwhelming

It’s not easily consumable for your audience. It should be easy and straightforward for them to use.

They might give you their email to get it, but they may not open or use it…which again doesn’t help you get them to the next stage with you…which is the whole point of having a funnel.

So make sure that the delivery of your lead magnet is smooth and you present bite-sized information. 

3. Your lead magnet is too costly to produce.

It should be relatively quick and cost-effective for you to create yet still be of quality and attractive to your audience.

The tricky part is getting all of this right! 


There are definitely more things to consider when it comes to your lead magnet, and that’s what we help you become more aware of.

In Stage 2: Surrender of our signature all method, we help break down and rebuild your funnel in order to break through. 

Question: What’s your biggest takeaway from this lesson? Post them below so we can all learn from each other!

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