Lesson 4 - Traffic is like fuel to your car

A Ferrari can be sitting in your driveway, but without gasoline, it won't go anywhere

 In this section, we’re going to talk about the different traffic sources and the pros and cons of each. 

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Adding traffic to your evergreen funnel is like putting fuel in your car – you need it to make the whole thing work.

There are 2 categories of traffic: Organic and Paid.

Organic Traffic

We have:

  • Social media platforms – like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – where you can create your own content.
  • Online forums – like Reddit or Quora – where you can interact with different communities.


  • Search Engines – like Google or Bing – where your written articles can rank on the first page by targeting keywords and getting backlinks.
  • There’s also referrals, in-person networking, podcasts and several other methods.

The good thing about organic traffic is: it’s free!!

The downside is it’s slow. It takes a long time to build up.

For example, for a new domain to rank on a decent page on Google, it’ll take anywhere from 3-6+ months of SEO work like article writing, link building and gaining authority.

Paid Traffic

You can pay for traffic on almost any social platform or search engine you can think of by putting up an ad.

Another option would be to sponsor influencers in your niche to promote you on their channel… there are several other methods, but we’ll stick to these for now.

With paid traffic you can:

  • target very specific audiences all around the world.
  • see the results of your ad very quickly and make adjustments as needed.
  • retarget people who interacted with your content before.

The one downside is that it requires payment.

Yes, it can get pricey, especially if you’re targeting cold traffic with the wrong creative and copy that doesn’t convert.

This is when knowing your metrics (Lesson 3!), like cost per lead, comes in handy, so you know not to spend over $X amount to get a lead.

It’s our philosophy that you need both organic and paid traffic at different stages of your business to really grow.

Now most psychedelic therapists or coaches who have been operating for a while now have traffic coming into their funnel from somewhere, but oftentimes they haven’t looked at the quality of the traffic.

In Stage 1 of our signature ALL Method, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your funnel that includes analyzing your traffic sources so we know how effective it is.

This is the first step you can take to evolve your business, to transform from an overwhelmed healer into the liberated leader.

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