Lesson 2 - The Anatomy of an evergreen Funnel

It's important to understand the different sections of a funnel so you can properly plan it out

We’re going to talk about the anatomy of an evergreen funnel and the 3 different sections that represent one.

You can watch the quick video here or skim the article below for takeaways. 

At the bottom of the article, you can download the presentation slide deck used in the video.

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Sections Of A Funnel

There are different schools of thought on the anatomy of a funnel, but the simplest explanation is that a funnel has three sections.

  1. Top funnel 

This section is where you build awareness about you, your message, what you offer, what you can do for your audience.

Your audience is cold traffic – these are people who don’t know you or haven’t heard of you before.

They’re thinking: I have this problem – What do I need to solve it?

2. Mid-funnel 

This section is where your audience knows about you and is considering you, because you’re educating them on how to choose a solution.

Your audience is warm traffic – these are people who have interacted with or are familiar with you.

They’re thinking: I know what I need to solve it – Why do I need it from you?

  3. Bottom funnel

This section is where your audience decides on your solution, because you show why yours is the better choice

Your audience come from hot traffic – these are people who are ready to buy from you or have bought from you before.

They’re thinking: I see why your solution is the ideal choice – Why should I buy it now?

You Have A Funnel Already…It’s Just Not Good

Now, every business has a funnel, no matter how new they are in existence or how little social presence they have.

Most funnels are just leaky.

By leaky, I mean broken, fragmented, disconnected, not automated, evergreen or optimized. We want to seal those leaks ASAP.

In order to do that, we need to find where the leaks are with an audit.

This is exactly what we do using our signature ALL Method, where we transform Overwhelmed Healers into Liberated Leaders. 

Now, you can always do an audit on your own, you don’t need us for that…

…but I often find that because business owners are too close to their business, it’s hard for them to see the blind spots and they don’t know what they don’t know.

Question: What’s your biggest takeaway from this lesson?

Post them below so we can all learn from each other! 

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