Lesson 12 - The Tools your funnel needs

Marketing tools you'll need, the challenges they bring and the solution we have

We’re going to talk about marketing software tools you’ll need, the challenges of these tools, and what we think the solution is.

If you are not sure what tools you need, no worries, we’ll take a step-by-step approach, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

You can also watch the quick video below, or skim through the article.

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Marketing Software Tools

In order to build a funnel, you’re going to need software that serves a particular purpose. Some tools you’ll need are:

  1. Lead capture tool – to build your email list. Most email marketing platforms have set lead capture forms to choose from, but they’re usually not as robust or customizable as you’d want them to be

  2. Email marketing – for all your email series and campaigns to interact with your email list

  3. Page builder for a website – please don’t use Wix or Squarespace unless you plan on rebuilding your website in the future with better functionality. WordPress is the way to go – it’s really not as technical as it seems

  4. Product hosting – any offers you build in your funnel needs to be hosted somewhere, especially if you’re creating a video course

  5. Community building – you can always start off with a free Facebook group for now, then move onto a more robust platform later

  6. Invoicing & payment collection – manually sending PayPal money requests or invoices isn’t going to work if you want to scale or automate your funnel

  7. Calendar booking – for setting up consult calls with new clients

  8. Data tracking & analytics – usually you’d have to sign into a bunch of different platforms like google analytics, FB pixel, email platform, etc. – to collect and verify the accuracy of the data. 

  9. More tools…but I think you get the picture

The Challenges

The problem with using all these tools is you’re:

  • Paying separately each month to use each of these tools – a little bit here and there adds up fast

  • Keeping track of and logging into 8 or more different platforms – hopefully, you’re not using the same login & password because that’s poor security practice that doesn’t defend against hackers

  • Learning how to use 8+ different systems – means you’re spending time on things outside of your zone of genius

  • Using tools that aren’t already connected with each other and having to make them work together 

All of this gets pretty confusing and overwhelming, especially if you don’t identify as somebody who is a techie or tech-savvy.

The Solution

When you work with AKITA, not only will you get our done-for/with-you private-label solution – the AKITA Liberation Loop Method, but you’ll also have full access to the all-in-one marketing tool we use at no extra charge. 

It’s called Highlevel. It’s the best funnel, membership, CRM, automation tool on the market…Now, no one solution has everything everyone needs, but this one comes pretty. darn. close.

So how does it work? 

We pay HL a fee to host you – our lovely client – so we can help you create your email series, landing pages, online courses…to build out your evergreen funnel.

This means through AKITA you get:

  • Our Designs
  • Our Support
  • Our Education
  • Our Infrastructure

While Highlevel is like a silent engine in the background doing all the coding work, so we can do what we do best – help you transform your business so you can transform the world

Question: What are your biggest takeaways from today’s lesson? Post in the comments below so we can all learn from each other 🙂

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