Lesson 11 - Why you need to Test

The dreaded thing that most Overwhelmed Healers never do...

We’re going to talk about what testing and optimization is, different types of tests and common mistakes to avoid.

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What Is Testing?

Think of testing as a way to do market research to evaluate the effectiveness of your paid ad, your landing page or your email campaign. 

Testing means putting your control – aka your original sample – against different variations of your marketing material in front of your target audience to see which one works best.

Best in what?

In whatever you’re trying to measure – it could be clicks, engagement, conversion or something else.

Why Even Test? 

Test is important because you get to collect, analyze and understand customer feedback to improve your overall funnel.

The more things you improve in your funnel, the more seamless it’ll all work together and the more clients it can convert for you on autopilot.

Three Types Tests

1. Split-testing

Compares the baseline control sample to a completely different variation of the same sample. For testing bigger changes, 2 different concepts 

Now some people use the terms split test and AB test interchangeably. The concept is similar but they’re not the same.

2. AB Testing

Take the baseline control sample and Compare it to the same sample with 1 single thing that you change on it. For testing smaller changes, tweaking here and there

This is the usual approach we use at AKITA

3. Multivariant testing

Like A/B testing, but compares the control with a variation that has multiple things changed on it.

This needs to be done in a highly controlled setting to reveal more information about how these variables interact with one another. 

What can you test?

Basically everything from font size & color to multi-media images or video to the copy for headlines or CTA to layout & design…etc.

Anything that makes sense to test.

Common Mistakes Overwhelmed Healers Make

  • They don’t test. Period. Either they don’t know to do it, they don’t how to do it, or they don’t know what to do test FOR. Very rarely do I see them testing.


  • Of the ones that do test, they don’t have enough patience or traffic to test properly. You need to run at least 1000 people through your testing to see results that are statistically significant


  • Not understanding statistics. Statistical significance is the likelihood that the difference in whatever you’re measuring – usually conversion rate – between a variation and the baseline is not due to random chance.

    We aim for a significance level of 95% – this is our risk tolerance and confidence level. On the flip side, it means that there is a 5% chance that we can be wrong and the results were due to chance. Most people can live with 5%. 

  • Testing too many things at once. The rule of thumb is to test one thing at a time before moving to the next thing. If you test many things at once, you wouldn’t know what specifically actually worked to move the needle. 

Just like how psychedelic integration is a vital, necessary, important part of long-lasting growth, testing & optimizing your funnel is the same concept.

This is exactly what AKITA can help you in stage 3: of the ALL method.

Here we integrate lessons learned from driving paid traffic through your offers so we can optimize your evergreen funnel on an ongoing basis.

Now that you know what testing is, the 3 types of testing & common mistakes to avoid, it’s time to get started on your transformation into the Liberated Leader.

Question: What are your biggest takeaways from today’s lesson? 

Post them below so we can all learn from each other! 

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