Lesson 1 -What's a funnel?

Most Overwhelmed Healers have heard of a funnel but they don't actually know what's in it

We’re going to talk about the difference between a funnel vs an evergreen funnel, and why it’s important for businesses to have one. 

You can watch the quick video here or skim the article below for takeaways. 

At the bottom of the article, you can download the presentation slide deck used in the video.

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What’s A Funnel?!

A basic definition of a funnel is:

“a system with a series of steps that takes someone who doesn’t know you, your services or how you can help them and turns them into a superfan.”

Different names include:

  • marketing funnel
  • conversion funnel
  • sales funnel
  • customer journey
  • user experience

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just stick to the term “funnel”.

We could slice and dice it into different funnels, like a webinar funnel, a lead generation funnel, a course funnel…

…BUT at the end of the day, there’s no difference – a funnel is a funnel is a funnel! 

Just like using any psychedelic medicine.

There are plant, fungi, toad and things made in a lab…they’re all medicine that can help people on their healing journey.

Funnel vs Evergreen Funnel

Before we dive into it, let’s go over the concept of evergreen.

Evergreen means your funnel is:

  • automated – it’s working even when you’re not
  • fully built-out – you have all the pieces of a funnel, from top to bottom.
  • low-maintenance – all the pieces are working together seamlessly with regular optimization. 

Now low maintenance does not mean passive.

If anyone promises you anything that’s 100% passive, run. the other. way.

It’s simply not true.

Q: If you never water a plant or give it sunlight, what will happen?

It’s not going to grow, it won’t stay the same, it dies.

Same thing with your funnel – it needs to be taken care of regularly or else it starts to fall apart. 

If you have every single piece of your funnel in the right place and you regularly optimize it, it is already evergreen. 

So the answer is: there is no difference.

Why Is A Funnel Important?

Well…a funnel is the blueprint of your entire business! 

A properly working funnel will:

  • Bring you more qualified leads that turn into paying clients and raving community members

  • Expand your reach to those outside of your current peripherals so you can help more people on their healing journey

  • Decrease your stress and allows you to take back your time from running the business so you can refocus it into whatever you choose 
    • Be it working with clients more closely, routinely doing self-care activities, spending time with loved ones, you name it!

There are so many benefits in building an evergreen funnel that if you don’t already have one, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

…Maybe you just need a little AKITA – A Kick In The Ass – to get moving!

This is essentially what we do as we help Overwhelmed Healers transform into Liberated Leaders with our signature AKITA Liberation Loop Method. 

Question: What’s your biggest takeaway from this lesson?

Post them below so we can all learn from each other! 

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