Funnel Packages

We help psychedelic therapists & coaches evolve from a 1:1 to 1:many client model by co-creating evergreen funnels that lead to online courses & group coaching programs.

We do this with our signature AKITA Liberation Loop (ALL) Method, where we move you through 3 stages: Prepare > Transform > Integrate.

Pricing depends on how many rounds your funnel needs. Each round takes 4~ months,
and 3 rounds are needed to complete a full-funnel.

1 Round

Core Product
4~ Months
Starting at $3000/mo

2 Rounds

1 x Lead Magnet & 1 x Tripwire
8~ Months
Starting at $2500/mo

3 Rounds

2 x Profit Maximizers
12~ Months
Starting at $2000/mo

“I put off having any crazy funnel because it was such a pain in the ass.”

“It was almost like turning a switch on. It was night and day. In my 1st month, we saw an 800% increase in sales. It was more than worth it to hire AKITA!”

“I felt like AKITA cared a lot about my project, which says a lot. You can tell Bea’s a subject matter expert”

“AKITA went the extra mile to fix technical difficulties and streamline our processes. AKITA produces excellent copywriting and they can help you optimize your funnel so you can capture more clients”
“If you’re looking to grow your business, make more sales or capture more clients, work with AKITA, they’re the best!”

Watch the videos below for an explanation of how our method works!

The ALL Method Explained:

Why multiple rounds?


What: We audit on your current funnel, then present our findings and recommendations.

Why: So we’re aligned on where you’re at, what needs to improve & how to improve it.



What: We implement your funnel on our software-of-choice.

Why: So you can serve more people with a 1:many model via online course & group coaching. 



What: We drive traffic to your product with paid ads & regular optimize funnel build and ads for more conversions. 

Why: So we can quickly see what’s working well, what to improve and what to test next.