Microdose Your Way to a better Website!

Do you feel embarrassed showing your ‘hacked-together’ website to clients?
Do you feel that your brand is weak or not representative of you?
Do you feel like you’re missing technical skills, marketing know-how or design principles to even start?

If you said "yes, yes, yes!" then let us show you how to put the heart into the skin and bone of your digital asset, so you can have a business that thrives!

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These are the exact same changes we applied to our clients' site

We’ll share with you what we’re been successfully implementing for our clients, the 80/20 of what you need to know & our industry secrets!

"The value I received is an online representation of the spirit and the energy of the way I'm wanting to show up for the work that I do with clients."

Peter, Waves Peer Coaching

"It has helped so much to have a professional step in and help us create something that can really scale. AKITA have a streamlined process to do something that can be daunting. I can't thank them enough for understanding our mission and what we're trying to accomplish."

Emily, Integration Jam

"I didn't really have a professional online presence and I didn't really know how to get there either. AKITA didn't just give answers, but they gave suggestions, recommendations and new ideas.

Dana, The Flourish Academy

Little changes can stack up to a major breakthrough!

You see, just like how a microdose (versus a macro-dose) can be transformational for your clients, you can apply the same concepts to your business.