To spread the message of healing, transformation and love by creating expansion for psychedelic coaches in their business, so we can impact more people and evolve humanity together.


Imagine a world where self-love and trust wasn’t lacking, or where our inner child doesn’t need to be reparented. 

Imagine a world where manifesting abundance is a normal occurrence, or where we weren’t taught to come from scarcity. 

Imagine a world where we’re not so reliant on pharmaceutical drugs or where we all know how to heal ourselves with natural medicine.

Now imagine knowing that your next 10 generations get to live in this ideal world surrounded by their loved ones in a supportive community.

A better world for all is what we’re guiding the collective towards – and that starts with psychedelic coaches facilitating more sacred transformations for others.

Our Values

We believe in fully embodying our values and leading by example.

Trust that when you work with us, we treat you like family and have your best interests at heart.

When you collaborate with people who share a similar vision, you’ll find that you’ll also share similar values and speak the same language. 


“Shown through actions, be true to your values and what you stand for in life”


"A gradual development from a simple to a more complex form”


"The power to do, speak and think as you want without restraint”


"Plentifulness of the good things in life and a growth mindset”


"Like-minded souls that share common attitudes, interests & goals”

Meet the AKITA team

Bea Chan

Growth Strategist & Funnel Architect

After 7+ years on the soul-crushing corporate ladder, Bea jumped head-first into building online businesses. 

After her own encounters with the magic of psychedelics, Bea dedicated herself to helping conscious healers transform the world by first transforming their business. 

In her spare time, you’ll find her hosting The Liberated Leader Podcast, growing the Sisters In Psychedelics community and writing for non-profits like: Women On Psychedelics, Canadian Psychedelic Association & Thank You Plant Medicine.

Bea’s superpower is asking insightful questions as well as the ability to see the big forest and individual trees at the same time.

Josipa Strok

Lead Creative & Project Manager

Josipa had the opportunity to work with a various clients and global leading brands in the last 8+ years in the design & multimedia industry.

She crafts memorable brand experiences that intersects design and purpose with the power of Adobe.

Her mission is to give you the online representation of your spirit and energy through clean, appealing, and functional design.

During her free time, you’ll find her reading self development books, spending time in nature or mastering a new DIY skill.

Josipa’s superpower is endless curiosity, empathy and the ability to understand the ‘why’.


Chief Barketing Officer

This golden retriever and cocker spaniel mix has been a professional stress-reliever, joy-spreader and cuddler since she was born.

Her favorite things include licking peanut butter, chewing on smelly socks, and freaking people out by smiling at them. 

Josie’s superpower is making anyone instantly calm down and fall madly in love with her!

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