Attention Female Psychedelic Coaches!

Don’t let competing priorities steal your time!

We take away the web design & marketing automation so you can focus on what really matters: facilitating sacred transformations for your clients.

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Does the thought of running a business, doing sales or advertising yourself make you cringe?

Do you just want to impact humanity and outsource the marketing, design and tech to someone who actually understands and is part of the psychedelic community?

Are you tired of not knowing what your next step should be or spending too much time and energy outside your zone of genius?

Hey, we feel you!

It’s not your fault - being an entrepreneur is hard. It’s even harder when you trained to be a psychedelic coach, not a business owner.

You stumbled into the game of designing a website, generating leads, making sales, developing offerings, pricing, operations…and are feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Doing things you don’t enjoy and diverting your attention away from your zone of genius just creates stress, mental fog and exhaustion.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re the Overwhelmed Healer.

Don’t worry!

AKITA’s here to give you a “kick in the ass” so you can transform into the Liberated Leader.

Imagine feeling relieved not having to worry about things you don’t want to spend energy on.

Imagine getting your time back so you can do more self care and spend it with loved ones.

Imagine feeling more aligned because you can focus on helping people move past their trauma.

Expand your heart-based business, help more people on their healing journey and f*cking change the world with a team that already understands the transformative coaching work you do and is actually part of the psychedelic community.

We ARE the team you’ve been calling in to level up, manifest your vision and create regenerative revenue!

Bea Chan
Josie - Chief Barketing Officer

You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you already solved your problem, so what are you waiting for? The universe led you here – how big of a sign do you need to take the next step? 

Are you ready?

To date, we’ve created customized websites and built evergreen funnels for clients from North America to Europe to Asia.

The sooner you decide and take action to become the Liberated Leader, the faster you can impact more people, take back your time and generate more revenue.

What We Offer:

⬇ Complimentary ⬇

Sisters In Psychedelics

A sisterhood of female-identifying people who meet regularly to discuss and celebrate intentional psychedelic usage in a safe, supportive environment.

The Liberated Leader Podcast

Together we’ll connect with leaders in the psychedelic space & explore the creations they birthed into the world. Let’s get liberated!

Monthly Live Audit

Free Website Live Audits: Bring your questions so we can help you elevate your brand. Let us show you how you can have a business that thrives!

⬇ Work with AKITA ⬇

Psychedelic Business Mastermind

Virtual, business-focused mastermind for people who are entrepreneurs in the psychedelic & healing space - an integration circle for your business.

Website & Branding

If your goal is to improve visibility, increase Know-Like-Trust factors, improve lead generation, then your website is an excellent place to start.


We can help you evolve from a 1:1 to 1:many client model by co-creating evergreen funnels that lead to online courses & group coaching programs.

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